How To Choose your Video Production Company?

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  • 05 Nov, 2012

Firstly, good job on choosing to make a video to promote your music! The market has never been riper! But, now you've made the decision, what happens next? Okay, we're assuming that you know exactly what you want. You have a vision. You may even have a script! Where do you start finding the people who can make your video happen?


Where to Start ?

Don't worry, this won't be hard - you just have to think rationally and logically. Firstly, do you know anyone who's had dealings witha video production company? Perhaps a friend, a business contact …a colleague? Or perhaps you know someone yourself, someone who's created something you think actually turned out pretty well?


What about LinkedIn? Or Facebook? Referrals are often the best place start.

If that doesn't look promising, check out what your competitors have been up to. Have they made video recently? Can you find out the production company that made it?

If none of these avenues prove fruitful, then it's time to turn to Google. Try very specialised searches. For example "London video production company" or "animated video production." Whatever it is that you need, search for it specifically!


Try and gauge their reliability

So you've found a few video production companies... what next ? Now comes the scrutiny! Ask them for testimonials, case studies, examples - anything that will give you more information about their ability and satisfaction ratings. Ask them how many projects they have undertaken to completion - try and gauge their reliability. 

Finally, think about how much their in-house tone of voice fits with your video vision. It's not a hard and fast rule; but it could give a valuable insight into how well their tone fits with your vision for your project.


Talk To Them

Once you've corresponded a little (hopefully with 4-5 production companies), now comes the part that gets a little more in depth - phone conversations.

The personal connection is all-important - tell them what exactly it is that you're looking for, and see what ideas spark. Find out how their team works, ensure that you'll get to meet the Director beforehand so you can ensure that the process will be fluid from brief to product.

Price is the final question you ask, after they understand all your specifics and have answered your queries. By then you will be a in a fit position to understand who best fits your vision - and don't be afraid to pay a little more for someone with whom you personally gel; after all, this is a collaborative process!


The Process - Get involved!

After you've chosen your video production company, don't think the process is over. As much as you can (and this will vary from project to project) stay involved. Remember, this is your product and your business - don't trust the experts, trust yourself. You're the one who will have the final product as your lasting testament to your business, product or service. Listen to advice, by all means, but never forget that you're the one paying for this service.


That's it! Good luck with finding the right video production company for you.

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