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Electronic Press Kit Production Package

Settle down, kinder. Let us set the scene. You have everything in place: the music, the image, and maybe a professionally-produced music video. Promotion is the next stage.

How are you going to get yourself and your tunes out there to a wider audience? An EPK is simply the best way to capture not just your music, but your personality. Through a mixture of interview video and performance video footage - be it from music videos or a music festival - an EPK tells your story. Where did you come from? Who are your influences? And what are your plans for taking over the music world?

All of this can be communicated efficiently through an EPK. Do you want it to be super sexy, or hella stylish? Fly-on-the-wall, or straight-up interview? Whatever the genre, whatever the style, we're on the case. And then you can send it off to the people who matter - whether they are journalists, gig promoters or industry bigwigs.

So, if you have a story to tell or an image to refine, we can tailor an EPK to suit you and your music. Or why not have it both ways, and shoot an EPK in tandem with a music video masterpiece? Either way, drop us a line !

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