Music Videos Pricing  Guide

How much does a music video production cost?

How long is a piece of string?

Excuse our flippancy, but sometimes we just can't help ourselves! You see, there really isn’t a standard cost for a video. If you want to be filmed driving down Oxford Street in a white Rolls Royce, or in a club with loads of extra’s, well, someone has to pay for all of that. We know how to make the most of a budget. We know that imagination costs nothing and can take you off in any direction, but knowing how to turn a vision into a reality requires more than just gung-ho!

So, there really can be no such thing as a standard price list for a video unless people start developing standard imaginations and expectations. BUT ..... What we can give you is a guide range for quality videos that we know can be achieved. We have also added some notes below that advise you on how to help us guide you.

Music Video Production Services Pricing Guide:

A - £1200 - £2000*

We take advantage of low cost studio space, which means evenings and weekends and sometimes this can mean very last minute. Your shoot may be one of two or three on the day, so you'll need to come prepared and ready to perform at your best from the start of filming. Our most popular videos in this price range include Performance Videos, Live Lounge, Interviews, and EPKs.

B - £1500 - £5000*

The main factors that impact on the cost of a video are the people used and specialist equipment. Within this range we can supply all the above but also more detailed videos such as Behind the Scenes, Live Event Filming, studio based Narrative Music Videos including some Animation elements.

C - From £5000*

When we plan bigger budgets we invest in the pre-production process, the planning of the shoot and resolution of all the creative conflicts. We will be spending all our time on you and bringing in the crew and equipment to ensure the production values meet the requirement. Animation, Special Visual Effects – VFX and Narrative Music Videos all require this level of effort

Price on Application (POA) 

There isn’t much we won’t consider in terms of making a great music video. What about you? It’s all about the chemistry. What helps us enormously when we consider working with new clients is to know something about them and their music as early as possible. It's all about the chemistry.

So when you get in touch you should be prepared to send us:

  • Your music, or a link to it online

  • Links to your key social media hangouts like Facebook  

  • Your website if you have one and if you don't then send us some photo's

  • Links to videos that inspired you or have something about them, eg, an effect or type of shot that maybe just lasted a few seconds and caught your imagination.

 Here are some useful articles to help you prepare for your video:

If you already have some ideas or a vision then let us know them too. This information will help us to prepare for a proper chat and let you know what can be done.

Call us on 020 7733 4166 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our contact form.

*please note that all videos are plus VAT