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Andrew Paul - What a Gwan in a Babylon

20 years after he stopped making music, Reggae artist Andrew Paul is all set for his first music video release soon after Christmas.

In a video which compliments his own personality, Andrew hopes to catch the attention of the higher ups in the hope to make them take notice of the situation in their communities.

The music video has been directed by Lorraine Patterson, who terms Andrew as her easiest client to work with, “It was a totally smooth sailing, no problem at all.”

For a very calm, easy going and laid back person that Andrew describes himself to be, he is certainly not short on talent.

The video is an excellent example of contemporary British Reggae, as Andrew says, “The music was brought to me, when I listened to it, it wasn’t something I could talk to... or do my own style to... and my friend who brought it to me said ‘Try something different’... and this is the result.”

It’s different from your run of the mill reggae expectations, and why?

“There are so many different artists out there and the usual reggae video... I was watching them with my partner and we wanted something that would stand out. When you watch the video, whether you like it, dislike it or agree with it... but you’d remember it for being different,” explains Lorraine.

Well that’s true, because ever since we have listened to this track, it’s been humming somewhere at the back of our minds.


  • Filmed & Directed by Lorraine Patterson and Janka Troeber (Reel Deft)
  • Produced by EPiK Music Videos on behalf of WebVideos Limited
  • Artist: Andrew Paul
  • Filmed at Camberwell Studios