Epik's Music Videos Portfolio

A Narrative Music Video Production: Kane Luke - Remedy

We wanted to go back in time for this one. Through the lyrics, themes and use of 1980s electro-pop reminiscent of modern day cult classic ‘Drive’ we wanted the “retro element” to be very visceral.

This being the third video I’ve directed with Kane; we had to look at it fresh.

We decided a short film approach was best suited, constructing a story without lip synch scenes. We were pretty excited about the concept of this from the start.

The story? Well that’s for me to know and you to interpret.

The elements are there, focusing on three characters, creating tone through performance and compounding it with the editing (and yes it does take a more sinister tone towards the end).

The styling choices and subtle looks create ideas of who they are.

Visually the approach was unique in that we combined live footage with stills taken on both DSLR and an old Kodak for that old school look.

The footage itself was shot using an ikonoskop which makes everything look as though it was shot in the 80s.

It was important to reinforce the retro visuals by filming in areas where the architecture was at least 30 years old and Vauxhall was perfect for this.

All the elements combined created a unique visual experience with an ambiguous story and era, that just feels right. Exactly what we wanted.


  • Directed by Tai Campbell
  • Artist: Kane Luke
  • Features Freddy Daher and Jessica Wolhuter.
  • Hair & make-up by Emma Watts
  • Produced by EPiK Music Videos
  • Filmed at Camberwell Studios