3 Artists to Watch in 2017

  • 02 Feb, 2017

 New year, new playlist? If you’re casting around for something to whet your appetite for the fresh sound of 2017, sit back and let Epik introduce you to three of the best up-and-coming artists.

3 Artists to Watch out for in 2017:

1) The Amazons

The Amazons

Rip-roaring rock at its most fun, The Amazons are loud and proud of it. Their big reverb style owes a debt to a royal lineage taking in the Killers, the Strokes, Suede, even Jesus and Mary Chain, but here is a brand new band with a sound all their own. Whether it’s the all-out rock of ‘Little Something’ or the nostalgic, pacey guitar-pop of ‘Nightdriving’; the teen-bedroom nostalgia of ‘Stay with Me’ or the heavier, bolder riffs of ‘In My Mind’, you’ll be accidentally headbanging before you know it. If you like what you hear, luckily there is a March-April UK tour planned, details at

Find out more about the band, here:

2) Nadia Rose

Nadia Rose

South London’s latest rap explosion, 23 year old Nadia Rose made a big splash in 2016 opening for Alicia Keys and Busta Rhymes, then playing Wireless Festival, before scooping a MOBO award for best music video for dangerously listenable track ‘SKWOD’. Watch out for her upbeat energy and fierce attitude as she takes on issues with grace, style and whiplash rhymes that leave you wanting more. Rose is newly signed to Sony but is adamant that she won’t be run off course by the corporate machine. In a recent interview with Hattie Collins she elaborates: “I want everyone to know me through my music. I feel like some people are becoming clones because they don't feel like their lane can work, they're getting lost. I want people to know that just being you should be good enough. Being yourself is the most powerful thing you have.”

Find out more about here, here:

3) Bishops Briggs


Bishop Briggs’ “Like a river” isn’t the kind of song you’ll put on quietly in the background. Channelling the spirit of mid-90’s PJ Harvey throughout the well-crafted and extraordinarily beautiful music video, Briggs erupts into wild choruses reminiscent of the Beth Ditto end of gospel and a Tom Waits-esque gut-punching percussion track keeps the pace. Many of her loyal fanbase discovered her through the truly millennial medium of Shazam, after hearing her first single “Wild Horses” on an advert for Acura in 2015 and being intrigued enough to locate the artist. She had only just moved to LA and was singing for small audiences in small bars: the exposure gave her the resources to go on to record three more singles in 2016 and her trajectory for the coming year is most definitely stratospheric.

Find out more about her, here:

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