Fashion Brands: How can Video content help yours?

  • Rebecca Barrett
  • 16 Feb, 2017

Video content has been increasingly exploited by brands all over the world as an effective means of engaging their audience and promoting their products. The fashion industry is no different, with high street to the high end brands taking full advantage. This article will explore the different ways fashion video can be used to get your brand noticed.

Video for your Fashion Brand

Video marketing has been an effective means of appealing to your target audience and this is especially clear in the fashion industry. Many top brands are currently using online video to attract people to their fashion websites and it proves effective when used in multiple ways.

How is Video Used Now?

There are several different ways video content is used within the fashion industry. Here are some examples:

Product Video: ASOS

Asos uses video content on product pages to show details of the clothing which cannot be expressed through pictures alone, allowing customers to get a real sense of how the clothing will look on themselves before they buy. In fact, statistics show that 52% of customers feel more comfortable about buying after watching a product video (Marketing Charts), and studies show a huge decrease in returns for fashion websites. They have also embarked on a social media strategy which relies predominantly on video content to market their brand and products in a way that is natural to their audience. They use a mix of fashion tutorials, as well as behind-the-scenes video on fashion shoots and red carpet fashion events to engage with their audience, and the statistics prove it’s effective.

fashion videos for marketing

Advertising Campaign:

Burberry Being nearly 158 years old, Burberry is one of the oldest high end fashion brands around. To keep up with the times and attract the attention of the younger generations, they reportedly invested just over 60% of their marketing budget into online video content. (Marketing Week) Most notably, the Burberry Acoustic campaign saw a series of videos featuring upcoming musicians wearing Burberry clothing singing exclusive acoustic versions of their songs. They successfully paired fashion with music to grab the attention of the younger generation and produced content people would share on social media. As a result, they gained over 8.3 million views on their Men and Womens Youtube channels combined, and over half a million Facebook interactions with just 172 videos! (Digiday)

‘Sweet Dreamer’ by Will Joseph Cook – Burberry Acoustic

Behind-the-Scenes Video: Dolce & Gabbana

As well as their new Summer 2017 Fashion campaign video, Dolce and Gabbana launched an entire website with online content such as industry news, styling tips and -you guessed it - video content. People love behind-the-scenes content and it helps to push your brand image which, particularly in the fashion industry, is a sure-fire way of getting people to purchase from you. It provides the personal connection which helps people associate with your brand better than any written content can.


At Epik EPiK Music Videos, we’ve been asked for fashion-inspired music video shoots and it’s a pretty popular concept. We’ve decided to offer fashion video content as an extenstion to our production services. You can find out more about getting fashion video content made, here.

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