Marc Vedo: Behind The Scenes

  • 24 May, 2017

Take a look behind the scenes of one of our greatest musc video productions to date: Ultra Music's Marc Vedo - Ride of Your Life.

Getting the Music Video Filmed

When we won this pitch for ULTRA MUSIC artist Marc Vedo, we knew we had our work cut out to produce the inner city urban jungle vision of our talented Director Andrea Youth.

Not only would we be shooting outside in February, the treatment called for some specific wardrobe aesthetics in the form of “football mascot” style animal heads.

Time constraints due to an early dusk meant choosing indoor and outdoor locations as close together as possible. Anyone who knows London knows that can only mean one area: the ultimate urban jungle that is Brick Lane, Spitalfields and Liverpool Street.

Specific challenges on this shoot were likely to be the cold and rain and their effect on morale and progress towards a key shot at dusk. We were shooting some parts in the city guerrilla style, which had the potential of being sensitive in one or two areas.

The video shoot started and finished at a flat just off Brick Lane. The team were never more than a brisk 12-minute walk from this base. “Set-Up, Film and Move On” was the order of the day. Even so, persistent drizzle started mid-morning and slowed us down but fortunately in a good way when we stopped early for a tasty hot lunch at the under-rated Damascus Bites on Brick Lane.

In the afternoon, the rain made cycling on cobbled streets tricky for the actors with Zebra heads as well as our large boned hunter. We were stopped filming inside a large welcoming atrium roofed square where, apparently, filming without permission was forbidden but we chatted our way out of that and managed to get the footage we wanted.

Although the drizzle continued, the pace of the shoot as well as the opportunities for shelter kept everyone focused and soon enough we were back at the flat for the dénouement. Marc Vedo joined us for this and thoroughly entered into the spirit. To be honest, by the time we finished it really did feel like a party. Until the clearing up.

If there was any element we underestimated, it was the football mascot heads. We mistakenly thought we’d be able to hire them from somewhere. It turns out a lot of them are licensed characters and simply not available for hire. Creating them from scratch was impossible in the time available, not to mention the cost. We did make the Zebra heads thanks to our talented art department who begged and coaxed their contacts and turned up trumps. It wouldn’t be a real music video production without a few minor slipups, right?!

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