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Lyric Music Videos Production

EPiK Lyric Music Videos are works of art in their own right. They stand up against the best from all music video production genre’s. Mainstream artists such as Britney (Criminal), Rihanna (Diamond) and even James Bond (Adele - Skyfall) have taken the lyrical route. And why not, people like to sing along. But these are no karaoke videos.

Every video we make is 100% original and designed only for you. Watch and read through our options below and you’ll see the wide variety of options available to you. These lyric videos are ideal for bands and artists who need their music heard and a visual presence for their brand. Fans love them and so do the artists. They can be used for some low-cost PR, an upcoming album even before the original video is filmed.

Lyric Music Videos Packages

SILVER Standard Lyric Video

£300-400 + VAT

Our starter approach includes animated backgrounds, an array of visual effects, advanced lighting and camera animation – executed by our highly experienced music video designers.

The finished lyric video is provided as FullHD (1920x1080) Hi-resolution MP4 video file. Timescales vary between 5-8 weeks from commission.

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Caine - Trouble Child - Genre: Rap

GOLD Standard Lyric Video

£425-550 + VAT

Like our Silver standard option the GOLD standard lyric video includes a full variety of computer-based design including animating the lyrics as well as using visual effects, lighting as well as including YOUR Album art.

You’ll get a 30-second preview within a week and the finished product within the month. The finished video is supplied via a dropbox link where you can download a 1920x1080 full HD MP4 digital file.

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We Built The Moon - 'Burst Apart' - Genre: Indie-pop

PLATINUM Standard Lyric Video

£600-700 + VAT

The Platinum standard includes advanced lighting, advanced visuals, advanced camera tricks, advanced everything and bespoke backgrounds. They do take a little longer to bring to fruition but these are truly original and stunning lyric videos.

Ready in about a month, with a 30 second preview available within 10 days you get your video as a Full HD digital file at full resolution 1920x1080. We can also provide a 4K version. (Included as part of this package is a 15 second version of the video ready for Instagram).

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Extol - 'Sting of Death' - Genre: Metal

DOUBLE PLATINUM Standard Lyric Video

From £1000 + VAT

*Based on using recorded footage filmed by us. 

Our double platinum standard option includes everything in the Platinum option plus footage of the artist filmed in our studios. This original footage is designed and filmed so it can be incorporated into your lyric video. This approach straddles the boundaries between what is and isn’t a lyric video. They provide a dynamic and original alternative to your standard low-budget music video.

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Slaves ft. Vic Fuentes - 'Starving for Friends'

Find out How our Lyric Music Videos Services Work

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Band Name
  • Phone Number
  • Link to your music and/or an MP3 file
  • Any social media links
  • Which Lyric Video standard you want to commission
  • Your budget
  • Your time frame

We will call you to discuss and ensure we properly understand your requirement and let you know any further information we require.

We require a 50% deposit to get started. The balance paid on completion.
We will deliver the video in an MP4 format made available from a dropbox link.